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21st Century Teaching

The purpose of the West Virginia Professional Development Schools Conference is to promote collaboration among partnership schools in order to support the development and progress of the program.

Professional Development Opportunities
    In addition to WVCPD, there are other professional development           
    providers that allow educators the opportunity to take much needed
    courses, and to participate in ongoing training activities. These links  
    may be helpful to those looking for additional options. Please note that  
    these offerings are not a part of WVCPD's network of services, and
    questions should be directed to the contacts listed on the web sites


PSA Video Contest    
The PSA Video Contest is an opportunity for K-12 students (individuals or groups) to submit digital stories which address responsible and productive global citizenship. Winning submissions earn schools technology mini-grants and a year’s worth of bragging rights.


Digital Storytelling    
Digital storytelling engages students in critical thinking, research, writing, creative design, communication and encourages them to be creators of knowledge through an original digital story. A digital story incorporates images, graphics, video, music, and sounds together with an author's own story voice. This technology approach improves students’ understanding of content as well as enhances their oral, visual, and written communication skills.





Globaloria is a learning environment where social networking meets social responsibility. By allowing students to relate to the creation of games that target social responsibility, we are able to expose them to the technologies of web2.0 and 21st Century Learning. The program creates opportunities for students to work collaboratively on developing a Flash-based game both locally and globally by being part of a larger, virtual social network.


Resources and useful links

- Advanced Placement Course Audit Presentation
- Santa Cruz Foundations in Mentoring
- Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching


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