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Spenser Wempe

Miss West Virginia Credits Advanced Placement to Much of Her Success in Life

Beautiful and brilliant are two words that easily describe the reigning Miss West Virginia Spenser Wempe. The 19-year-old Jefferson County, WV native will represent the state in the upcoming Miss America Pageant. Her road to the crown has included a serious commitment to academics, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses have been an important part of that journey. Wempe is partnering with the West Virginia Center for Professional Development (WVCPD) to promote AP among middle and high school students throughout the state. The Center has launched the first of several public service announcements in which Wempe shares how AP has helped her reach her goals as a student, and as Miss West Virginia.

A 2010 graduate of Jefferson High School, Wempe has always given priority to her academic goals. She took her first AP course in 10th grade when she and several friends decided to pursue the rigorous classes together. “Some of us stuck it out and some didn’t make it,” she said. “I am glad that I stayed with it because it taught me how to study and excel in hard classes,” Wempe said.

She believes that AP has been an important part of her Miss America pursuits. The Miss Berkeley County win that eventually led to her winning the Miss West Virginia pageant was the first beauty pageant that she ever competed in. While many people may not see the correlation, Wempe sees it clearly. “The Miss America Organization is founded on scholarship and through AP courses I’ve been able to excel the way a college student should,” Wempe said. She said the classes gave her the confidence and tools needed to transition smoothly and successfully into her freshman year of college at Shepherd University. “It’s a huge accomplishment to say you are an AP student because obviously you are motivated and you have dreams and aspirations that you are pushing yourself toward. That is something you should always be proud of,” she explained.

Wempe’s AP videos can be viewed on the AP section of the Center’s website, wvcpd.org. Her journey to the Miss America crown continues with her trip to Las Vegas, NV, where she will compete with other young women for the title. The pageant will be televised live on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. EST.  WVCPD looks forward to working closely with Wempe who will talk to students this semester about her AP experience and how it has helped in all aspects of her life. For more information about the AP partnership, please contact Christy Day, director of communications, at 304-558-0539 or Christy.B.Day@wv.gov.

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