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Videos may take a couple of minutes to thread before viewing.

Miss West Virginia Talks About AP

Miss West Virginia Spenser Wempe is a former Advanced Placement student who believes the challenging courses in high school prepared her to compete for the crown. Click here to watch videos and learn how.

A Case for Professional Development

Click here for a quick glance at a WVCPD professional development session and learn what participants are saying about the quality of activities provided by the center.
wvcpd story

WVCPD Informational Video

Take about five minutes to learn more about WVCPD. This flash movie provides a brief overview of the Center's programs and initiatives.
WVMPSC Gallery

WV Model for Positive School Climate Video

The West Virginia Model for Positive School Climate (WVMPSC) is one of four GATE initiatives, and is a  joint partnership between the Center and the Department of Education's Office of Healthy Schools. This presentation explains how the initiative transferred a Raleigh County Elementary School turning it into a model school. 



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