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Prevention Resource Officer Program (PRO)


Prevention Resource Officer Program (PRO)

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The PRO Program is a cooperative effort between schools and law enforcement to place certified West Virginia Police Officers who are also certified Prevention Resource Officers in local middle and high schools in order to:

•    improve students’ attitudes and knowledge of criminal justice and law enforcement
•    prevent juvenile delinquency; mentor youth
•    provide a safer school environment and
•    combine safety and child advocacy assuring a better school experience for all West Virginia youth.

Basic State PRO Guidelines Summary

1.  PROs must be a current, state certified police officer with at least one year of field/road experience and be employed by a law enforcement agency.

2.   PROs must complete required Division of  Justice and Community Services (DJCS) training and be certified as a PRO before entering the school.  

3.   DJCS requires grantee to assign one, full-time  PRO officer per school. PROs must maintain an office in the assigned school and be present in that school  at least 35 hours per week.

4.  PROs will be stationed in a middle or high school.

5.  PROs must be aware of and adhere to all school policies and  school laws (Law Enforcement and Teacher Code of Conduct).

6.  A PRO’s function is not disciplinary. PROs are assigned to the school to provide prevention, mentoring, and safety.


April Dickenson, PRO Coordinator; 304-558-8814, ext 53313; April.Dickenson@wv.gov

Click here to download the PRO brochure (PDF format) with additional details.

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