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School Accountability Support - A-F



The West Virginia Center for Professional Development Supports A-F Schools

WVCPD supports the professional development needs of schools and educators through a comprehensive network of services. Participants may enroll in programs (i.e. Teacher Academy), or choose specific courses from a number of WVCPD programs to meet their professional needs. You may click the links below to learn more about sessions offered in the coming weeks and months and register for them as needed. Please pay close attention to the deadlines. In addition, the Center has partnered with counties and with schools to conduct large group sessions for educators in specific regions, and it has worked with administrators to customized offerings for groups of staff members.  To arrange these sessions, please contact Lorrie Smith, COO, at Lorrie.A.Smith@wv.gov.

Teacher Academy

The West Virginia Center for Professional Development (WVCPD) Teacher Academy is designed to support veteran and beginning teachers using research-based materials and instructional strategies that refresh and strengthen classroom skills and teaching approaches. Experienced and beginning teachers interested in refreshing or learning teaching strategies that will enhance student engagement and learning are encouraged to participate. For details, click here.

Teacher Leadership

  • Mentor Professional Development is based on the New Teacher Center’s Foundations in Mentoring. This PD assists experienced teachers develop the skills to assist new teachers or those with deficits that may hinder their professional growth.  Sessions are designed to build leadership capacity in the teaching force. Key concepts include creating a vision of quality teaching, identifying needs, selecting support strategies. Click here for details.


  • Coaching for School Improvement is offered in partnership with the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). The most effective school leaders cultivate an environment of continuous progress in which teachers and administrators work together to improve curriculum and instruction, examine data to identify weaknesses in school and classroom practices, and develop and implement action plans that result in increased student achievement. WVCPD works with county schools and or regions to provide opportunities for local learning with statewide consistency. Click here for details.

Principals’ Leadership Academy (PLA)

PLA offers support to new and experienced school administrators. Sessions include (but are not limited to):
  • Using Data to Focus Improvement : A Leadership Model for Principals
  • Fearless Leaders: A Model for the Elementary Leader
  • Student Mental Health First Aid
  • Book Studies

Advanced Placement/Pre-AP (AP)

These sessions are led by AP teachers who have implemented successful efforts to expand access to AP  among a range of students. The content-driven sessions give intense focus to successful and creative classroom strategies that help elevate student engagement and  understanding.  Pre-AP sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-AP Strategies in English: Composition
  • Pre-AP Strategies in Math: Functions
  • Pre-AP Strategies in Math: Developing Algebraic Thinking

*AP  Summer Institute provides four-day content-based sessions at various locations around the state. Please contact Karen Linville, AP program director, at Karen.R.Linville@wv.gov for details about the Pre-AP offerings.

Infusing Technology

Infusing Technology helps teachers move beyond using technology for entertainment purposes only. Instead this PD is useful to transform tech tools into powerful devices for instruction and student engagement. Sessions include (*online sessions):
  • Emerging Technologies to Engage Digital Learners
  • iPad Basic Training
  • *Digital Creativity and Collaboration to Enhance Student Projects
  • *Digital Formative Assessment to Engage Your Students
  • *Digital Tools to Promote Family Engagement
  • *Technology Tools Every Educator Needs
  • *Web Tools to Encourage and Support Reading and Writing


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